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Sunday, July 09, 2006


Hi Everyone

Ramsley has confirmed on the 25th of June that IDRISI was installed on your PCs.

You have been asked to Print out Section 4 of the IDRISI Manual (see dated 8th June) I trust that you have gone through the tutorial on this as this counts 50% of your Resource Mapping course and the exam is not much fun (see Karen's take on it) but VERY IMPORTANT. The Exam is 5 days long and we will need to make a start on Moday week (17 July and must be handed in by 21 July).

In Addition by the end of this week I am expecting at the very least that your assignments 1 and 2 of the Resource Mapping are completed and submitted to me you have had more than a month to work on this plus going through the IDRISI tutorial.

Please confirmed that you have read and understood this POSTING.

Cheers and Good Luck with your preparation for the BIG EXAM.


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