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Thursday, June 08, 2006


Hi eveyone

I wish to clarrify the Maptrix - this is an exercise intended to help with map reading skills, especially reading 1:50 000 topo-sheet at schools. You were asked to use this so you had access sections to 1:50 000 sheets and to formally assess and refine your Map Reading skills. The PAPER based Maptrix you should be familiar with and you were asked to evaluate the electronic version.

Your report for assignment 3 is based on two parts

Part A, to develop an evaluation of the electronic version of Maptrix (based on your knowldedge of using both paper and electronic systems). On the website there is an evaluation system for the paper-based Maptrix. Following on this evaluation which would you recommend most for teaching and widespread use at school, and are there any changes you consider necessary to the electronic version.

Part B of ASSIGNMENT 3 actually assumes that you have started with ASSIGNMENT 4 and have used our SANBI BGIS Web Map Services and been through the on-line GIS tutorial - this is a GIS. Once you have done this you need to write it up in about 1000 words contrasting the use of Maps and GIS (the electronic version of Maptrix should still be considered a Map rather than a GIS.... why?).

I hope this clears up any confussion(s).




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