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Thursday, June 08, 2006


Hi Everyone,

I think I did not make it sufficiently clear, you need to work on Idrisi (Tutorial Part 4) in your own time. Z29 Lab is available and you will need to invest at least twenty hours before attempting the exam learning how to use it (the recommended time states about 6 hours). The Exam is 100% based on this and is set for three days at the end of the course and counts 50% of all your marks in Resource Mapping. During this time most students have expected to spend at least ten hours per day. I am afraid this is not trivial (but is also not difficult since it is part of the USA K12 Geogrpahy syllabus).

At the risk of repeating myself, you are expected to work in Z29 during your own time to complete the IDRISI tutorial, unfortunately the licensing prevents me from issuing the software to you- it can only be used in the Lab. You can obtain your own personal copies valid while you are a registered student at greatly reduced cost. I will find out more and post on this site.




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